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Christmas at the Zoo

Dec 22, 2023 9:58:00 PM / by Natalie Scarantino Sadler posted in Elmwood Park Zoo


Norristown, PA - The DeNicola Family Foundation in collaboration with The Elmwood Park Zoo hosted students and their Families from the Hancock Elementary School in Norristown last night. Everyone had a chance to meet Santa, receive a present and partake in the refreshments  while enjoying the Zoos annual Wild Lights.

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May 3, 2021 10:40:13 AM / by Natalie Scarantino Sadler posted in Cosmo Cares, kindness, Elmwood Park Zoo, Earth Day, Zoo, Trees


Norristown, PA - The Elmwood Zoo is excited to announce a new project that will result in the planting of over two dozen new trees in and around animal exhibits all throughout the zoo. This project is made possible through the generous support of the Cosmo Cares Foundation and is spearheaded by the Foundation’s Program Director and Elmwood Park Zoo Board Member, Morgan DeNicola.


These trees will be serving so many great purposes throughout the zoo! Not only will they add to the zoo’s overall beauty, but they’ll provide shade for our animals and guests, produce scents that will add enrichment to the animal enclosures, and certain select tree species will produce browse for the giraffes to eat.


In addition to support from the Cosmo Cares Foundation, Corbo Tree & Landscaping Service will be helping source and plant the various species throughout the zoo, like this serviceberry tree now making its home in the red panda exhibit.

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Earth Day Tree Planting at Elmwood Park Zoo

Apr 23, 2021 2:30:36 PM / by Natalie Scarantino Sadler posted in Cosmo Cares, kindness, Elmwood Park Zoo, Earth Day, Zoo, Trees


Fort Washington, PA - Cosmo Cares is excited to launch a tree planting project in partnership with the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown Pa. The tree planting is timed on Earth Day an annual celebration honoring the achievements of the environmental movement and raising awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability. Planting trees helps the environment in many ways including: producing oxygen, reducing stress, building homes for wildlife, quieting noise pollution, creating beauty, cooling the environment and many others.


 We are so grateful to the Cosmo Cares Foundation for their support of our tree planting initiative. Thanks to their generosity, the zoo will be planting roughly two dozen trees both in and around animal enclosures. Not only will the plantings serve to further beautify the zoo, the tree species selected will provide new areas of shade, scent enrichment for our animals, and in the case of our giraffes, branches and leaves to eat, stated Executive Director & CEO of Elmwood Park Zoo, Al Zone.


Natalie, Cosmo and I are so excited to celebrate Earth Day by doing our part to protect the environment and wildlife. It was especially gratifying to get our hands dirty while planting, stated program Director and Zoo Board member Morgan DeNicola.


Cosmo Cares is a private, charitable foundation rooted in the passion for advancing World Health, Cultural Diplomacy, Humanitarian Recognition and Conservation. An extension of Cosmo DeNicola Companies (CDC) – a privately held company with a diverse portfolio of businesses ranging from technology, publishing, professional sports and entertainment. Cosmo Cares was founded in 2018 by Cosmo DeNicola with a mission to continue CDC’s legacy of doing good, while recognizing those who are equally committed to their core humanitarian passions. The organization’s founding principle is caring is an action, not just an emotion. 

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